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In 1989 the cold war ended, Nintendo began selling the "GAMEBOY" in Japan, and a star was born, HENNESSY WILLIAMS.

Considered one of the most naturally talented comedians to emerge out of Florida in the last decade, Hennessy is showing no signs of slowing down. He’s worked as an actor on HBO, FX, and Amazon Prime. His social media and internet comedy has grabbed over 1M views across multiple platforms. He is a headliner for Carnival Cruise Line. He’s a talent of Miami based media company Only in Dade. He’s performed at some of the biggest clubs in the country (Laugh Factory, Improvs, Broadway etc.,). He’s worked alongside Russell Peters, Mike Epps, TJ Miller, and so many more it would be tacky to try and name them all. Suffice it to say, Hennessy has become one of the fastest growing names in stand up today.

Williams utilizes a unique blend of edge, wit, and devilish charm to bringing uproarious laughter to countless audiences across the

world. Hennessy has solidified himself as a prominent, thought provoking comedian and entertainer whose star is sure to shine bright for decades to come!

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