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My name is James Camacho. I am a NYC based comedian and actor that grew up in NJ- sorry. I’m a Chinese Puerto Rican only child- only one of those things sucks. Come see me sling some jokes! You’re probably thinking- is this dude really funny? Well I just filmed my debut comedy special, I’ve been seen on Kevin Hart’s LOL Network, I’m streaming on Sirius XM, I did some TV shows on CBS called “FBI” and “Kevin Can Wait” and I did a movie once called “Before I Go”. I even did a music video with Jay Z and DJ Khaled called “I Got the Keys” and did a Monday Night Football commercial for ESPN that I got paid $150 for. Pretty lit right? Okay if that doesn’t convince you to come you can watch clips on my social medias @Camachbro on Instagram and TikTok and and judge for yourself. If that doesn’t convince you to come- you must be my parents. See ya there! 再见 Adios!

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