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Jason Allen King is a comedian, writer, actor, filmmaker, and bird watcher from Charlotte, NC. Capitalizing on his personal experiences, family, and relationships (or lack thereof), King’s comedy offers a unique perspective on familiar situations. A northerner who’s been living in the south too long, he has endeared himself to audiences across the country pushing boundaries with a sharp yet positive spin on observations and self-deprecation.

Fresh off the release of his Dry Bar Comedy Special “Nobody’s Emergency Contact” and a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, King is back touring the country. He has opened for renowned comedians like Josh Blue, Preacher Lawson, Fortune Feimster, Rob Schneider, Christopher Titus, Colin Quinn, and Dave Attell.

He was voted Best Charlotte Comedian 2021 by Queen City Nerve, twice voted Charlotte’s Favorite Comedian by Elevate Lifestyle Magazine, featured in It’s A Southern Thing’s One of 15 Southern Comics to Watch and Best of the Fest at the Burbank Comedy Festival.

Jason Allen King is also the host of The Comedy Zone Podcast and still manages to write and star in the popular video series “George & Monty”, which was invited to screen at the L.A. Comedy Shorts Festival.

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